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Political Passion

F&M alumni, students, faculty and staff eagerly engage in the 2012 presidential election

A Big Sound from a Small Department

Music ensembles have been part of the fabric at Franklin & Marshall College almost since its founding

Charting a Course for Success

A new office helps F&M students and alumni explore and prepare for postgraduate pathways

In Dog He Trusts

Alum’s inquisitiveness leads to side career in training canines for search-and-rescue missions

Allan Tasman, M.D., ’69

As a medical student, Allan Tasman ’69 focused on psychiatry, but he didn’t really know where it would lead— until he was asked to help create a free clinic.

Ford Speaks of the Presidency

In late April 1978, former President Gerald Ford visited campus for a day of lectures and meetings with students, faculty members and trustees.

The Power of the Seminar

After teaching my first F&M seminar last spring and loving the work my students did, I wanted to see firsthand the learning environments other F&M faculty create, so I’ve been visiting lots of classes this year.

A Reluctant Star

Sheena Crawley ’13 chases and education—and sets a few records along the way

Autumn 2012

Fall on the Franklin & Marshall campus is an exceptional time. While nature is beginning its slow march toward the hibernation of winter, the pace is quickening for students and faculty, who are a mere six weeks from the end of the term.

F&M Marks 225th Anniversary with Fireworks and Fanfare

Students, faculty, staff and alumni come together to celebrate a milestone

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