WFNM 89.1 FM

Second Floor, Steinman College Center

Radio has provided a platform for Franklin & Marshall students, faculty and professional staff to showcase their passion for music for more than half a century. WWFM, a small AM station with a weak signal, began broadcasting in 1957 from the basement of Benjamin Franklin Hall. In 1973, the Federal Communications Commission granted the College a license to operate a 10-watt FM station, and the call letters changed to WFNM.

WFNM moved into a custom-designed facility in Steinman College Center in 1976, and the station later increased its power to 100 watts. Today—from its familiar spot overlooking Hartman Green—the student-run and College-owned station continues to offer a variety of programming, from classic rock and indie rock to jazz, international tunes, hip hop, and more. The station broadcasts 24 hours a day while classes are in session, as students, faculty and professional staff host a wide range of music-based programs and talk shows.

While the station’s broadcast signal stretches approximately 50 miles, the sounds of WFNM now reach a global audience online through and iTunes.

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  1. WWFM started in the basement of Hartman Hall (now demolished) NOT Ben Franklin Hall. I'm not sure there ever has been a Ben Franklin Hall. I know there was no such building when I started my F&M journey back in September 1959. I was a DJ mt freshman year and Business Manager my Jr and Sr years.

    • WFNM-AM (..and maybe FM.. )was indeed in the basement of Ben Franklin dorm in the 70s, prior to the move to the College Center.

  2. I was a DJ on WFNM from 1978-1982. I almost got kicked off the station at various times for playing my collection of Bruce Springsteen bootlegs. I was on the air in March 1979 when the College announced that it was canceling classes for a few days due to the accident at Three Mile Island and urged students to go home and wait for further information.

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