Summer 2013

Families cheered and cameras flashed as nearly 600 members of the Class of 2013 recessed from F&M’s Commencement ceremony May 11. It was a jubilant scene, with proud parents squeezing close to the center aisle to catch a glimpse of their daughters and sons. Navigating the sea of smiling faces, the newly minted graduates waved when they saw their families—and beamed as they took the first steps in their lives after college.

Some graduates have already embarked on exciting careers, while others are pursuing postgraduate studies. And some are performing rewarding volunteer work as they plan their next steps. For all of them, it’s the beginning of a journey that will take the Class of 2013 to cities and countries around the globe.

Jeff Gao ’93, whose career in information technology has taken him from Chicago to Beijing to San Francisco to Shanghai, knows about that journey. He’s maintained a passion for music along the way—and recently composed a trio piece for his original clarinet teacher at F&M.

John Kerr ’60 traveled more than 2,000 miles after retirement to begin the next phase of his voyage: a career as a park ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Like other alumni who have made late-career shifts, the former Boston television executive concluded one profession and sought another, with a new sense of purpose.

For Cynthia Krom ’80, the journey has brought a return to the same campus—and academic building —where it began more than three decades ago.

And for Trustee Emeritus William H. Gray III ’63, who sadly passed away this summer, it was a voyage defined by service, passion and mentorship—from the halls of Congress to a Philadelphia congregation to the F&M community.

You’ll learn more about the journeys of these alumni and others in the following pages. And we know you have stories to tell about the voyage you’ve crafted since taking those first steps through the Commencement crowd. Let us, and your classmates, know where that journey has led.


Chris Karlesky ’01

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