Kerstin Lindquist ’99

When Kerstin Lindquist went on maternity leave twice in 2009, she had some explaining to do. She did it online at a blog called Lindquist, then a broadcast journalist in San Diego, had become the mother of two baby girls, one through adoption and one through in vitro fertilization. Grace, adopted by Lindquist and her husband, Dan, arrived in June. Georgia was born in November.

“Women asked me how I did it. I wanted a place where they could go and look,” said Lindquist, who also wanted to erase the lingering stigma surrounding adoption and in vitro fertilization. “It shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, and I think there are a lot of women who are happy that someone in the public eye is talking about it.”

Her public profile, meanwhile, is rising. After nearly a decade in TV news on the West Coast, Lindquist moved to Pennsylvania last fall to become a program host on QVC, the leading multimedia retailer, which is based in West Chester. While Lindquist enjoyed TV news—and won four Emmys—she was not happy with changes in the industry.

As revenue declines, stations are cutting the stories that most appealed to Lindquist. “They’ve been taking away all of the happy news, all of the creativity,” Lindquist said. Not that she shied away from the hard stuff. She was the first reporter from a local station to make an extended trip to the controversial U.S. military base at Guantanamo Bay. Lindquist won an Emmy for the resulting series.

TV news was a second act for Lindquist. After graduating, she was headed to law school, but she put it off after landing a bit part in the movie “Coyote Ugly.” Her subsequent acting credits include a stint playing a reporter on “West Wing,” an NBC drama set in the White House. “I liked acting. But I didn’t feel I was reaching my full potential,” she said of her reasons for switching to journalism. “I was always cast as ‘Blonde Chick No. 2.’ I wanted to do something more challenging.”

Lindquist started as a program host trainee at QVC in September 2011. As a newcomer, she primarily appears between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m. Although the schedule sounds grueling, it has an upside: she is usually home when her daughters wake up. “This is one of the reasons why I took the job at QVC,” Lindquist said. “I have never been in a company that is so family-friendly.”

She’s found her new neighborhood equally welcoming—and abounding with F&M alumni. Indeed, her new neighbors include college friend Mike Pitone ’98. The only drawback is the weather. Her last home was on the beach in sunny San Diego. “It is snowing outside my window,” she said during an early January interview. “That’s a little weird.”


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  1. I vividly recall watching Kirsten as a TV reporter and weekend anchor/weathercaster at Channel 3 in Las Vegas. She was very good at her positions.
    What I also recall very vividly was how shabbily she was treated while at the station. For many weeks, because of a shuffling of anchor duties because of a colleague's maternity leave, the station had her doing the 11:00 PM Saturday newscast, then have to turn around and do the 6:00 AM Sunday newscast and weather. That schedule she did every-other weekend.

    Then, there was one weekend where she did not do the 11:00 PM Saturday newscast. BUT, she was subjected to working the Sunday newscasts of: 6:00 AM with weather, 5:00 PM solo newscast with weather, and co-anchored the 11:00 PM newscast with weather. Considering the prep time for the newscasts, that was probably a 20 hour day for her.

    It was nothing short of appalling and a disgrace what KVBC subjected Kirsten to at that time. I lost respect for that station from that. The station had months to plan for a colleague's maternity leave, the station had capable on-air staff to step up to that absence, WITHOUT having to subject Kirsten to a harsh schedule.

    I really admired Kirsten's moxie during her tenure at Channel 3 in Las Vegas. But after treatment like that, a person may consider other avenues for media employment.

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