225 Things We Love About F&M

The College celebrates its 225th anniversary this year. To honor that milestone, we present this list of 225 of our favorite things about dear old F&M. This is a list of things, not people. If we named all the members of the F&M community still with us who have helped sustain this institution for more than 200 years, it would fill a book. So, here are cherished activities, moments, buildings, sights, groups and legacies of beloved F&M legends that have left their mark.

1. Ben Franklin’s gift of 200 pounds
2.Vivid memories of historic Hartman Hall
3. College House System
4. Camaraderie of fraternities and sororities
5. Inspirational spires of Old Main
6. An amazing run of Green Room Theatre productions
7. The local flavors of Lancaster: whoopie pies, Wilbur Buds, shoofly pie
8. Family legacies that span generations
9. The student-athlete experience in 27 NCAA sports
10.“Third spaces” primed for serendipitous learning encounters
11. Our very own Conestoga Wagon
12. More than 200 off-campus study opportunities
13. We are the 13th-oldest institution of higher education in the United States
14. Peaceful walks through campus on quiet Sunday mornings
15. Being the only Diplomats in college sports
16. Distler Hall’s versatility, from a gym (with a bowling alley) built in 1891 to a bookstore and café
17. Rival Literary Societies: Goethean and Diagnothian
18. An average class size of 19 students
19. A student–faculty ratio of 10:1
20. Old photos hanging at local watering hole Hildy’s
21. Work-study jobs that taught us real-world skills
22. The beauty of campus after a snowfall
23. A legacy of great teaching and great learning
24. A loud, proud alumni base of more than 26,000 men and women around the world
25. An ever-growing movement toward a more sustainable campus and lifestyle
26. One generation of scholarship recipients funding scholarships for the next generation
27. Our long tradition of students and graduates serving the U.S. in all branches of military service in conflicts, from the Civil War to the Iraq War
28. Our many members of the Greatest Generation, as embodied by the late Major Dick Winters ’41 (and his band of brothers)
29. Old traditions: beanies, greased poles, pajama parades and Homecoming displays
30. New traditions: the Alma Mater Cup, the Blue & White Society and Mr. & Mrs. F&M
31. Bright blue of the iconic Hensel Hall cupola against a bright blue sky
32. Bright blue of the cupola on a clear night
33. Bright blue of the cupola on a misty day
34. Bright blue of the cupola on a snowy day
35. OK, bright blue of the cupola 24x7x365
36. The Ben and John statues on the Manning Alumni Green that frame the “Liberal Arts” on Keiper
37. The singing excellence of the many groups, from the Glee Club to the Poor Richards to the Sweet Ophelia
38. The amazing bands under the legendary Johnny Peifer ’36
39. The Saturday-night concert tradition, from Duke Ellington and the Beach Boys to Tina Turner and Cobra Starship
40. Coeducation
41. Navy V5 and V12 officer training programs during War War II
42.The memories of George and Martha
43. 15 presidents whose leadership has helped us thrive for 225 years
44. Like the visionary Henry Harbaugh Apple, who greatly changed the physical layout of the campus
45. Like the hardy Prexy Distler, who led the College through World War II (when enrollment dropped below 500 students)
46. Like the astute Keith Spalding, who led F&M through the tumultuous ’60s (oh, and thanks for coeducation, too)
47. First-year seminars
48. The “Jaws”-dropping acting talent of the late Roy Scheider ’55
49. The orangutan mask in our archives from The Planet of the Apes, donated by the late Franklin Schaffner ’42
50. The many other cool items (scripts, photos, notes) donated by Academy-Award-winning director Franklin Shaffner ’42
51. A residential quad to die for
52. A historic heart of campus to die for
53. 8 a.m. classes and final exams (well, not so much)
54. Good eats close by: Lancaster Dispensing Co., House of Pizza, Isaac’s Deli
55. Inspiring campus speakers: Martin Luther King Jr., Dwight D. Eisenhower and John Updike
56. Professors who change lives
57. Professors who teach us to think (inside and outside the box)
58. Professors who teach us to care about the world around us
59. Professors who challenge us
60. Professors who listen
61. Professors who conduct research and co-write papers with us
62. Professors who let us hold classes outside on warm days
63. An amazing legacy of deans, from James “Mac” Darlington to O.W. Lacy to Brad Dewey, to name a few
64. Grateful graduates who made use of the GI Bill
65. A long line of graduates to head the world-renowned Mayo Clinic
66. Spring Arts Weekend 67. A campus that doubles as an arboretum (Caroline Nunan Arboretum)
68. The coaching legacies of Charlie Mayser, Shober Barr ’24, Woody Sponaugle ’37 and Ted Rupp ’35
69. The coaching legacies of Bill Iannicelli ’48, George McGinness and Roy Phillips ’34
70. March 10, 1787: The day the Pennsylvania legislature granted a charter and acts of incorporation for Franklin College
71. Playing Frisbee on the quad
72. That first warm spring day when everyone wears flips-flops and shorts
73. Spinning records (or whatever they do now) at radio stations FM680 and WFNM 89.1
74. Weekend bus caravans from Goucher, Hood and Wilson colleges
75. Academic rigor
76. The “mythical” quote attributed to half a dozen administrators: “Look to your right, then look to your left, and know that one of the three of you won’t graduate from F&M”
77. Enduring friendships borne of difficult times—two-a-day practices, working on deadline, stressful rehearsals and cramming for exams
78. A founding Board of Trustees with four signers of the Declaration of Independence, three future governors of Pennsylvania and two members of the Constitutional Convention
79. Fum Follies 80. Loving and living the liberal arts
81. Prideful voices of the Blue & White Singers
82. Architectural prowess of Charles Z. Klauder
83. A spring stroll under the weeping cherry trees along the Dietz-Santee Walk
84.“Atriating” in the Steinman College Center
85. An Alumni Association that dates back to 1874
86. Dining-services people who have served up food and smiles in equal parts
87. The year 1853—and the merging of Franklin College and Marshall College
88.The expansive lawns of Buchanan Park
89. A literary tradition that includes Nevonian, Hullabaloo,
College Dispatch, Prolog, Plume and Franklin & Marshall Liberal Arts Review
90. Student newspapers: College Days, The College Student, The Student Weekly, The F&M Weekly and The College Reporter
91. Battered and tattered copies of Oriflamme
92. Spring-break trips to escape the cool Lancaster spring
93.The Pennsylvania Dutch countryside
94. An easy drive or train/bus ride to Philadelphia, Baltimore, D.C.orNewYork
95. Proximity to Central Market, the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the United States
96. Proximity to the Strasburg Creamery
97. Easy access to all-night diners
98. The Protest Tree
99. The proud legacy of Franklin & Marshall Academy
100. The ghosts and ghost stories of Old Main
101.The Senior Surprise
102. The bell ringers through the ages
103. All departments and the world-class professors leading them
104. All departments and the star pupils continuing the tradition of excellence
105. Candlelight vigils, marches and protests 106. The Bonchek, Brooks, Ware and Weis Great Rooms (really great rooms)
107. The F&M Film Series started by the late, legendary Sid Wise
108. Hey, we have a global clothing line named after us
109. Student–faculty collaborations in the classroom
110. Student–faculty collaborations outside the classroom
111. Student–faculty collaborations that spawn friendships for life
112. Alumni who proudly wear F&M hats and sweatshirts tospread the word
113. The spirit of community service that extends from our neighbors in Lancaster to our new friends in South Africa
114. Common Hour (and the free pizza)
115. Alumni volunteers who serve on boards, plan reunions, recruit prospects and mentor students
116. Our expansion of (and big plans for) North Campus
117. A great place to find future spouses
118. The stained-glass windows in Nevin Chapel
119. The benefactors who have sustained us for more than 200 years
120. Unsung heroes like the academic coordinators who help run departments
121. And the librarians who help with student research
122. And the grounds crew who keep the campus gorgeous
123. And the Appel Health Services and Counseling Center staffs who attend to our students
124. Unsung heroes so unsung they didn’t make our list
125. First-rate researchers
126. First-rate research facilities
127. The religious and spiritual diversity of the College community
128. Did we mention the old rooms at Marshall-Buch and Schnader halls (and should we?)
129. Being largely upwind from the surrounding Lancaster farms
130. A thriving entrepreneurial spirit inspired by Ben Franklin
131. Hanging out in the Adirondack chairs
132. Spring break
133. Fall break
134.Winter break
135. Fraternity formals
136. Nooks and crannies all over campus for studying
137. The atmosphere of an NCAA basketball playoff game in a packed Mayser Gymnasium on a cold, late-winter night
138. Pay phones at the ends of dorm hallways (really, it’s true)
139. Campus-wide wireless access
140. Technology that has moved with the times
141. The &. Who doesn’t love an ampersand?
142. Two libraries to suit everyone’s research needs (and provide quiet places to nap)
143. Our neighbors at the Lancaster Theological Seminary and the North Museum
144. Hundreds of student clubs and organizations throughout our history
145. The ever-present opportunity (and encouragement) to start a new club
146. All-American athletes and Dips aplenty on the all-academic teams
147. Devoted parents who cheer on student-performers and student-athletes
148. Devoted parents who care enough to send their kids to this amazing school
149. The lush playing fields at Baker Campus
150. Great neighborhoods to walk and run through
151.The dark (really, really dark) walks to Grundy Observatory
152. Intramurals that stoke rivalries between fraternities and other campus groups
153. Floors of the Glenn Robinson Court at Mayser Center so soft the Philadelphia 76ers trained on them
154. Young graduates who do great work through organizations such as the Peace Corps and Teach for America
155. Our knack for landing graduates in numerous (and high) places in Washington
156. Our knack for landing graduates in top-notch medical, law, business and graduate schools
157. Our knack for landing graduates in every creative profession, from writing to music to art
158. Our knack for landing graduates at all levels of businesses, colleges, schools, nonprofits and research
159. Late-night walks to Turkey Hill for snacks
160. A curriculum that combines a spirit of innovation with a strong sense of tradition
161. Dinners at faculty homes during new-student orientation
162. Community-based learning that blends what students learn in class with real-world experiences
163. We can dance! And have a strong tradition, including Glen Tetley ’46, to prove it
164. Fraternity chapters that date back to 1854
165. A president’s office with an ice cream freezer
166. Nurturing forefathers who ministered to wounded soldiers during the Civil War
167. The Sporting Life (7 in 10 students take part in NCAA, club or intramural sports)
168. National championships in men’s soccer (1952), women’s cross-country (1985), and women’s lacrosse (2007 and 2009)
169. The many centers and institutes that provide exciting new opportunities to “do” liberal arts F&M-style
170. Our reputation as a small college with big resources
171. Travel-lovers (one-third of current students) who go abroad or enroll in a travel course
172. Emerging Writers Festival
173. The Phillips Museum of Art
174. The Franklin & Marshall College Poll at the Floyd Institute for Public Policy and Analysis that lands the College in national media during elections
175. Old friends who keep us up-to-date through Class Notes
176. The flowering trees outside the Wohlsen Admission House
177. Our newest neighbors on College Avenue: Joseph International Center, Klehr Center for Jewish Life and Philadelphia Alumni Writers House
178. Regional Alumni Chapters of all sizes that stay connected with the College and one another
179. New academic buildings to spur new research: Ann & Richard Barshinger Life Sciences & Philosophy Building and Patricia E. Harris Center for Business, Government and Public Policy
180. Good old, reliable standbys like Stager Hall, Hackman Physical Sciences Laboratories and Keiper Liberal Arts
181. 100-acre Millport Conservancy wildlife refuge
182. 125 years of shared history with Tohoku Gakuin University inJapan,foundedbytheRev.WilliamE.Hoy(F&M1882)
183. A diverse student body that represents 40 states and 42 foreign countries
184.The fact that F&M really is everywhere
185. Homecoming football games at Sponaugle-Williamson Field, with the stands filled with F&M alumni and the field framed by trees bursting with color
186. Late-night stromboli deliveries from the Sugar Bowl
187. Park City Center and the outlets
188. Walking distance to minor-league baseball at Clipper Magazine Stadium and to First Friday galleries in Lancaster
189. Academic opportunities—such as partnerships with the Clinic for Special Children and Lancaster General Hospital— that enhance relationships between College and community
190. The tossing of mortarboards (and their fun messages) at the end of Commencement on Hartman Green
191. Welcoming the newest class every year at Convocation on Manning Alumni Green
192. Reconnecting with alumni and students during Homecoming Weekend festivities
193. Meeting professors and coaches at Parents Weekend
194. Class dinners and informal meet-ups during Reunion Weekend
195. Leadership opportunities and camaraderie created by the College House System
196. Hundreds of College House activities, from formal dances to pizza parties to film festivals and lectures
197. The ability to spout five to 10 Ben Franklin-isms by the time you graduate
198. A College bookstore that brims with F&M clothing and memorabilia (you can even get F&M golf balls)
199. Jazzman’s Café
200. Tour guides who walk the walk (backward) and talk the talk to prospective students
201. Williamson Medalists who wow us with their passion and drive for greatness
202. Singing “Our hearts shall hold, a love untold, for dear old F and M”
203. Our outstanding alumni represented in the Society of Distinguished Alumni and Hall of Fame
204. Trees, trees, trees—more than 140 species and varieties
205. Sledding down the hill in Buchanan Park on “borrowed” dining services trays
206. Generations of presidents and administrators with the good sense to preserve many historic campus landscapes
207. Hiking through the Brickyards
208. Old Main’s prestigious wingmen—Diagnothian and Goethean Halls
209. More than a dozen buildings and open spaces listed on the National Register of Historic Places
210. Our unique melding of tradition and innovation
211. Outdoor art
212. The mysterious Other Room Theatre (how off-the-beaten-path can you get?)
213. Working out and competing in the Kunkel Aquatics Center, Alumni Sports & Fitness Center, Brooks Family Tennis Center, Tylus Field and Sponaugle-Williamson Field
214. That Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend on Family Ties broke up with a guy from Franklin & Marshall College
215. 9–0 1972 football team capturing the Lambert Trophy
216. Flapjack Fest
217. Archives’ treasure trove of historic items, from World War I and II posters to rare books
218. Amazing spaces for creative endeavors: Green Room Theatre, Barshinger Center for Musical Arts, Herman Arts Center, Miller Recital Hall and Philadelphia Alumni Writers House
219. Lux et lex
220. Major orchestral works (including Mahler!) performed byF&M students
221. Running into alumni in the most amazing places
222. Field hockey, lax and soccer games under the lights at Tylus Field
223. Blue & white (and the crazy mascots who wear it so proudly)
224. Dreams fulfilled—and new dreams just beginning
225. _________________________________
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